The 4 miniature painting service USA that follow go contrary to several of the Miniature Design color myths I usually pick up on the job…I am certain you have heard some or perhaps most of these misconceptions as well.

As you find out and also check out much more around the world of Miniature Design colors, you will think of your personal miniature color suggestions as well as, a lot of the suggestions will fly in the face of color dogma you have read through the years.

Hold your ground!! You are learning Miniature Design color principles and the eye of yours will inform you if your paint colors work.

Let us check out 4 of the most popular Miniature Design Color Myths…Why you need to ignore them…and, several alternative miniature paint ideas that actually work!

Myth #1 — My bedroom is very small; color on the wall space can make it appear much smaller.

Reality — As much as perception of size goes, color is not gon na make a huge impact. If several of you’ve had miniature paint ideas that included heavy saturated colors for small rooms…Go for it!

I just recently read of a color design study completed with 2 identical rooms–mirror pictures of one another. One was painted off white, another quite a sage green. Quite a few folks passed through each areas and were then asked for the views of theirs. The vast bulk did not see the smallness of the home at all…but, nearly all preferred the green space on the cold, naked off white room…So, why sacrifice style?

Designer Tip: An miniature paint concept which is going to make a tiny space feel bigger is painting adjacent rooms exactly the same color. The result is a spacious perception as the borders between rooms disappear.

Myth #2 — My windows are very small…there is not sufficient natural light for color on the walls of mine.

Reality — In case your windows are compact, they will not matter anyway.