The Value Of Reusable, Environmentally Friendly Water Bottles

On a daily basis how many plastic water bottles do you use? If your answer is typical of most Americans, one every other day, one a day, or two a day, can add up to over 700 bottles a year per individual. Even if you recycle all of the plastic bottles that you use, it still requires oil and other forms of energy to manufacture and transport each of those bottles. By switching to a reusable, environmentally friendly bottle you can quickly reduce your carbon footprint on the planet. Over half of all Americans drink bottled water and about one third of us do so on a daily basis, which has tripled the country’s consumption over the last 10 years. There are many choices for individual’s to experience a “Greener Side of Life” with reusable, recyclable beverage bottles on the market to choose from, that are environmentally friendly, durable and economical.

Concerns about the chemical Bisphenol-A recently caused polycarbonate water bottles to be pulled from shelves in Canada and the U.S. appears to be following the same path. With the concerns of the public, water bottle manufacturers have been manufacturing bottles with different materials or advertising existing bottles that are BPA-free. Consumers are able to choose from stainless steel, coated aluminum, Eastman Tritan(TM), and polypropylene water bottles to replace old standards.

Manufactured from a single piece of aluminum, innovative SIGG Bottles are durable, crack-resistant and entirely reusable and recyclable. SIGG offers a revolutionary interior lining that is 100% effective against leaching and resistant to residue build-up. SIGG water bottles are easy to clean and guarantee that all you taste is the water, juice or other beverage. SIGG bottles have been methodically tested both in Europe and in the USA to ensure 0.0% leaching so there is absolutely no migration of either the liner or the container into your beverage of choice.